What is the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game?

What is the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game?

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (FFTCG) is a thrilling card game that combines the vast universe of the Final Fantasy series with strategic gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned card player or new to the genre, FFTCG offers a unique experience with its rich lore and tactical depth.

Understanding the Basics


The primary aim in FFTCG is to deal seven points of damage to your opponent before they do the same to you. Each player starts with a deck of 50 cards featuring characters and elements from the Final Fantasy series.

Card Types:

There are three main types of cards:

  • Forwards: These are your main attackers and defenders.
  • Backups: They provide resources and support abilities.
  • Summons: Special cards that provide powerful effects when played.


Cards are associated with one of the seven elements – Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Light/Dark. Elements often have thematic abilities and playstyles.

Game Setup:

  1. Each player starts with five cards in hand.
  2. Decide who goes first.
  3. The first player skips their Draw phase during their first turn.

Playing the Game:

The game is played in turns, each divided into several phases: 

  1. Draw Phase: Draw two cards from your deck.
  2. Active Phase: Ready (turn upright) all cards in your field.
  3. Main Phase 1: Play cards from your hand by paying their cost, typically by discarding other cards or dulling (turning sideways) Backups. You can attack, play characters, or use abilities.
  4. Attack Phase: Declare attacks with your Forwards. Your opponent can choose to block.
  5. Main Phase 2: Further opportunity to play cards and use abilities.
  6. End Phase: Concludes your turn.
  • When a Forward attacks, your opponent can choose to block with their Forward.
  • Compare the power levels of the Forwards; the lower power Forward is broken (sent to the discard pile).
  • Unblocked attacks deal one point of damage. The damaged player reveals the top card of their deck; if it’s an EX Burst card, they may use its effect.

Winning the Game:

The game ends when a player receives seven points of damage or if their deck runs out of cards. 

Strategy Tips:

  • Balance your deck with a mix of card types.
  • Consider synergies between different elements.
  • Manage your resources carefully – don't overextend by discarding too many cards.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s playstyle and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Final Fantasy TCG offers a blend of nostalgia and strategic depth, making it an engaging game for fans and newcomers alike. The key to success lies in understanding the card mechanics, building a balanced deck, and adapting to your opponent's strategies. With practice, you'll develop deeper insights into the game and enjoy the rich world of Final Fantasy in a new, interactive way.