· By James Cahill

Solo Mode - Wingspan

Our first recommendation for the new wave of solo mode gaming is none other than Wingspan!

You’ve previously seen it as our game of the week so you know it must be good. What’s exciting about Wingspan is that its expansions also work seamlessly to enrich your solo gaming experience.

Wingspan's solo mode is referred to as the "Automa" mode – sounds cool right!? In this solo mode, you compete against an automated opponent, hence the name "Automa". Automa has its own set of rules and decision-making processes, designed to emulate the human brain. Not like ChatGPT or other AIs.

The challenge is constructed through a deck of cards that drives the Automa's actions, creating unpredictable moves. Trust us, no matter how many times you play, you will never know what’ the Automa will do next. Its as addictive as it is challenging.

Wingspan and its Automa successfully delivers on the essence of the game, making it an excellent option for those wishing to enjoy Wingspan on their own.

We promise you will find a whole new appreciation for Wingspan’s gameplay and beautiful artwork after facing the Automa.

To check out the Wingspan trailer to discover more click the link below:



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