· By James Cahill

The Surge of Solo Board Gaming

Solo board gaming, as the name implies, allows you to enjoy a game in the best form of isolation. What started with classics like Solitaire has now extended far beyond what you can imagine.

Why Solo Board Gaming is Thriving

At first, the concept of solo board gaming may seem counterintuitive in a hobby that is often associated with and marketed towards social interaction. However, there’s a lot at play (pun intended) which makes solo board gaming appealing and we just had to share our view with you.

Time is on your side: Coordinating time with friends can be challenging. Solo gaming means you can enjoy your favourite titles at your convenience without waiting on others or fearing a last minute cancellation!

Relaxed Lo-fi Gameplay: Solo gaming offers a leisurely pace, and you aren’t dependent on others, you can take breaks, step away, and even leave the set up as needed, like when a loved one calls you.

Less competition, more goals: Move away from competition. Solo mode games come with diverse goals. Some focus on surpassing personal best scores, while others introduce intricate AI opponents, meaning you’re always engaged.

Escape from the doom scroll: In an era dominated by screens and doom scrolling on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, solo board game gives you something to real to play with. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to be present in the moment!

Take control of your Social Anxiety: Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought of playing a game with others? Well with solo board gaming you don’t have to!

No longer are solo modes an afterthought. They warrant their game design, with many top-ranking board games now including a solo mode with the heart of the games remaining.

Stay tuned for a series of blogs where we recommend the best solo game experiences.

In the meantime, find the link to our ever growing collection of solo mode games below and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. 




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